Welcome on the site of WORLD AT RISK !

WAR is a Risk-clan which consists of a group of players who play Risk II online on WarZone (or GameRanger).

We have members all over the World, but most members are from Europe. The age of our members vary from 18 to 52 and we have the most female members compared with other Risk-Clans!
Mostly we play fungames, but we also have some competetive players who play Ladder-games. They are Top-Ranked!

Look around and if you think you fit in our group, contact one of our Council-Members.
We expect from new members that they are friendly, funny, well-known among other players and of course very good players who play with respect and die with honour!

Our rules are: Never Quit a game; No Teaming (unless it's a team game); No Harassments, Bashings or Insults; Respect other players and Clans; Treat others like you want to be treated yourself; What happens in the game, stays in the game!
These rules are not endless! These mentioned rules are just some important part of them...

Our goal is to be the finest Clan, with the most Greatest Players from all over the World.


World At Risk